Style Inspiration : Lisa Olsson


Swedish beauty Lisa Olsson got that beachy city cool vibe we just love! 

Mix a loose fitting shirt or a cute dress with messy hair and a choker. 


Wear a big united jumper with a a pair of statement earrings.


Images from Lisa's blog


Intention of the Month : Persistence


Our intention if the month is to keep your focus on your goals and not to give up.

Eyes on the prize, persisting with confidence and optimism. 

Trying to see the bright side of every situation might aid you in achieving your goals and tackle your obstacles and if not at least you'll be smiling!

Style Inspiration : Delilah Parillo / Lilah Summer

Casually cool and effortlessly beautiful Delilah Summer aka Lilah Summer seem to be everywhere at the moment, and we're not complaining!

Love her laid back style. Mix some stud earrings a gold ring and rock a high pony tail.

Nailspiration : Whites

We'd like to mix some gold jewelry with white nails, dressed in all white! 

Style : Summer Tones

Sunglasses  |  Bathing suit  |  Earrings : See of Self  |  Ring : Knowledge Compass

Silver + Blue is our latest obsession, love tonal dressing with a touch of co-ordinated bling. This is on our wishlist for hangs by the pool or perhaps throw over a oversized shirt or a pair of high waisted denim shorts and hit the shops, the heat is here and we love it! The world is your oyster!

Images from Pinterest 

Style Inspiration : Halley Elefante aka The Salty Blonde

It's summer, it's hot and all we want wo wear is cut offs and kimonos ala Oahu based dream girl Halley Elefante.

Mix with geometric delicate rings, small earrings and layered necklaces.

Style Inspiration : Sonya Esman

Wear all black with a pair of big yet delicate geometric hoop earrings.

California/NY babe Sonya Esman got that edgy laid back style we just want to rip right off! 

Wear a mini skirt with a vintage T together with some big earrings or a delicate statement necklace.

Match a sporty top with a pony tail and a statement choker.

Beauty : White Details

All white everything. Match white eye makeup with an all white outfit and clean silver jewelry.



Top image from White Horse Agency featuring Made of Honor.
Other images from Pinterest, credit to the rightful owners.

Style Inspiration : Zoe Kravitz

Throw on a loose fitting dress, a pair of boots and a big statement ring - you're ready to go! 

We love Zoe Kravitz stylish and laid back fashion feels, we are obsessed!

It's every bit as much your attitude as it is your clothes, and Zoe Kravitz nails both! 

Short hair and big earrings, or maybe pull you hair back with a bandana. Match it with loose fitting clothes, maybe tonal with an accent color.


Or nail the "vacation look" with a pair of short shorts, a crop top, some kick ass sunnies and a pair of statement earrings and a choker necklace.

Images sourced online, credit to the rightful owners.

Style Inspiration : Taylr Anne

Layered thin chain necklaces for a laid back feel, check out Loud & Proud or Wise Whispers

Minimal style muse, Taylr Anne, the master of minimal modern dressing.

Wear a femenine blouse with your favorite jeans and bold and big earrings and some chunky rings and you got yourself a winner.

Style Inspitation : Patricia Manfield

Patricia Mansfield is our style queen this month, making us approach fashion with  a playful attitude and dare us to try new things.

Go nuts!

Budgie : Choose your Words

The budgie is nomadic in nature and known to take flight whenever and wherever. Masterful in the art of imitations the budgie requires constant stimulation in a playful, light and breezy manner. 

Flighty aloof and endearing, the budgie totem symbolizes the need to detach at times but always remain connected to your surroundings and those around you.

Detach when necessary but always remain conscious. 

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Style Inspiration : Joanna Halpin

Minimal, clean aestethic at its best, we love Joanna Halpin, not only because she is a style guru and crazy beautiful, we love her image style as well. 

Wear classic styles with interesting details, combined with layered necklaces and a chunky ring.

Style Inspiration : Coco Pink Princess

We just discovered this awesome cool cute kid, Coco, from Harajuku, Tokyo. 
- We are obsessed! Got so much more cool than we will ever have.

Check out her Instagram here for more. 





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