Style Inspitation : Patricia Manfield

Patricia Mansfield is our style queen this month, making us approach fashion with  a playful attitude and dare us to try new things.

Go nuts!

Budgie : Choose your Words

The budgie is nomadic in nature and known to take flight whenever and wherever. Masterful in the art of imitations the budgie requires constant stimulation in a playful, light and breezy manner. 

Flighty aloof and endearing, the budgie totem symbolizes the need to detach at times but always remain connected to your surroundings and those around you.

Detach when necessary but always remain conscious. 

Fine Jewelry Necklaces under $150

Choker necklace

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Layered Chain Necklace

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Large Bar Necklace

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Delicate Choker Chain Necklaces

While Whispers and Internal Muse $60

Style Inspiration : Joanna Halpin

Minimal, clean aestethic at its best, we love Joanna Halpin, not only because she is a style guru and crazy beautiful, we love her image style as well. 

Wear classic styles with interesting details, combined with layered necklaces and a chunky ring.

Style Inspiration : Coco Pink Princess

We just discovered this awesome cool cute kid, Coco, from Harajuku, Tokyo. 
- We are obsessed! Got so much more cool than we will ever have.

Check out her Instagram here for more. 





Fine Jewelry Earrings under $100

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Beauty : Pop of Color

Wear it with big silver earrings, a chunky ring and confidence

- You look great!

A slice of orange

– On the lips or eyes

With a cherry ontop?

– Mix in some hot pink!


Images sourced from Pinterest, credit to the rightful owners.

Style Inspiration : Chriselle Lim

Match your 'little black dress' with The Hide of Awareness choker necklace, handmade in Sterling silver with 18k gold plated detail, fine jewelry you can afford.

Wear it like Chriselle, simple and classic in all white with our Ocean of Possibilities earrings

Owl : Raw Power

The owl guide will provide you with the resources to see what needs revealing and give the strength, wisdom and diplomacy to resolve the issue at hand.

The owl embodies the art of observation and listening.

It gives you the wisdom to discern and hear what is relevant, enabling you to absorb accurate information, knowledge and truth from the world around you.

Jewelry Set : Oceans


Internal Muse would like to remind you that; 

"Inspiration can come from within as much as it can come from others." 

Attraction is high as you are fully connected internally, letting you express yourself in all aspects of life. 

Be at peace, for you are beautiful and loved. If you see the love within you and act with comfortable confidence the Ocean of Possibilities will return it to you ten fold and success shall be yours.

The perfect jewelry set for balmy summer nights sipping some fruity drinks with friends, feel the confidence within you. 

Style Inspiration : Whitney Port

Our classic Signature choker necklace can easily dress up a simple white T. Available in Sterling silver + 18k Gold plating OR Sterling silver only. 

As simple as it gets, Particles of Peace will give you that subtle touch of bling and you'll see it become a part of your base wardrobe. 

Putting out some hard core manifesting for Whitney Ports' style, and hair right now!

Playful, stylish and comfortable combined with some stacking rings, small earrings and maybe a choker necklace. Can't. Get. Enough.


When you feel showing off your beautiful neck and frame that pretty face - pull up your hair, reach for the Boundless Bind earrings and make a statement. 

Style : Midsummer Dreaming

DressBag | Hoop earrings : Blushing Halo |  Swimsuit | Ring : Balanced Balls

On our wishlist for summer adventures inspired by Swedish Midsummer! Mix a cute white dress with delicate rings and a pair of big hoop earrings. 

Cooling Watermelon Smoothie

When summer is treating you real good with some sunshine and warmth it's nice to cool down a bit with a refreshing smoothie or juice. We love watermelon and and it's such a perfect fruit in summer as it's so high in water and you got to keep hydrated!

This recipe is on heavy rotation in the Soon kitchen

You can either juice or blend or both (if you have a powerful blender - like a Vitamix)

This is what you need:
We like to freestyle with amount of each ingredient so just do it in the ratio you like.
- Watermelon
– Beetroot
– Mint
– Ginger
– Lime

Blend or juice. We like to do both, we juice the beetroot and blend everything else then add the beetroot juice. Add some ice and fresh mint as garnish and enjoy by the pool/beach/garden.

Style Inspiration : Solange Knowles

From the Soon Staple collection, Boundless Bind truly is a staple that stands out, wearable earrings handmade in Sterling silver.

Shine like Solange with Ocean of Possibilities statement earrings, handmade in Sterling silver and with 18k gold plating. 

We got Solange on our mind after watching her rehearse this song on her Insta-stories the other day.

Put on some big earrings, let your hair down, have a listen and get inspired!

Soon's take on classic BIG hoop earrings. We love Blushing Halo and so does you guys, they are our best sellers!

For See with help you trust your gut. Trust your abilities and don't be afraid to stand out, you're awesome! Like all Soon jewelry For See if handmade in Sterling silver with 18k gold plated detail.

Mixing Metals : Gold + Silver

Intention of the month : Shine

For the month of June we are channeling the sun to shine! Out goes negativity in comes positivity, smiles and seeing brightness in every situation. 

We are going to be kind to ourselves and others and we will spread the 'shine' to those around us.

We will see that we are strong and beautiful and we are capable of anything.

Shine pretties, shine!