Mindfulness Meditation

We try to incorporate a bit of meditation in our day when we can. When we do we like to practice Mindfulness Mediation. It is a form of meditation where you scan your body and focus on the present moment without judgement. We like it as it gives us something to focus on to prevent the thoughts from wondering. 

It has proven very beneficial for your health, some of the benefits include:
- Reducing anxiety and mild depression.
- Increasing self-compassion, -appreciation and -acceptance.
- Improving cognitive abilities.
- Improving concentration.
- Increased open-mindedness.
- Reducing stress.
- Change your brain in a protective way by increasing the signaling connections in the brain.
- Helps the brain to better control pain and emotions.
- Aids sleeping.

The great thing about mindfulness is that you don’t have to do it for a long time, even 5 minutes a day has proven to impact you positively. Mindfulness can also be incorporated in your daily life when you discover new things or while eating. Focusing on all parts of your experience, incorporating all senses. 

We like these free guided meditations.