Aromatherapy : Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil is extracted from the Tea Tree, which is native to Southeast Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. It’s known as a “cure-all medicine” in the tropics since ancient times, it can be used for treatment of almost all tropical infections and diseases. 

It is great for colds, flues and congestions it also has a cleansing and energizing effects and promotes mental clarity.

Here are some of the benefits of this wonder oil:

Because of its anti-bacterial properties it is great for cleaning. Use it as a anti-bacterial spray for surfaces, combine it with some water combined with another oil for fragrance, we recommend lemon. It also kills mold, you can spray some in your shower or on your shower etc curtain to prevent it.

Infections & cuts
Again as it as ani-bacterial properties it is effective against bacterial and other microbial organisms. You can use for insect bites, stings, blisters cold sores, cuts and also to treat wounds and neutralize scar marks.

Colds and Congestion
It boosts immunity and used to cure viral infections like colds and influenza. To ease congestion spray it on your pillow before bed or rub it on your chest, it can also be used in a steam inhalation to clear the airways, combine it with Eucalyptus or peppermint oil for a booster.

Insect repellent
Also can be used as a flea and insect repellent.

To detox - tea tre oil is a sudorific substance which increases sweating and promotes the removal of toxins like uric acid. It can help remove excess water and salts from the body and cleaning the pores. Prevents the occurrence of acne.

For Acne
Because of its anti-bacterial and detoxing properties it can also be used to treat and prevent pimples and acne. 

The list goes on and on but this is what we like to use it for :)


Please note it is not to be ingested as it is poisonous, meant for topical application only. Also make sure to patch test before applying on a bigger area.