Plants that are hard to kill

Sometimes it is hard to remember everything and if you're anything like us our plants sometimes suffer. We love plants and many of them so when we choose them we like to consider their hardness-to-kill-factor. These plants are great looking and easy going:

Aloe Vera
Great plant, easy to take care of plus you can put the gel inside the leaves on your skin, in your smoothie or just enjoy its prettyness. It also detoxifies your air :)

Cast-iron Plant
Super easy and slow growing, perfect for that corner you always forget about. Start with a bigger plant as they grow slow.

Golden Barrel Cactus.
– We like the spineless form.
A good cactus is always a good option if your thumb isn't very green. We're guessing this is the case for most cactuses so might as well get a handful of different ones! So pretty but watch out for the spikes! 

Peruvian Apple Cactus
This one is pretty and flowers in summer. Needs plenty of sunlight and grows quite large. 

This is a foliage plant and has a low light tolerance. Please note that leaves are poisinous if eaten in large amounts so keep it out of reach for kids and pets. 

Snake Plant
A succulent which is a great beginners plant as it doesn't need much attention. Looks cool too as it grows upright :)


Image from Pinterest.