Intention Water

We are truly inspired by Dr Masaru Emoto so much that our fridge is stocked with watery super brain boosters - intention water bottles. Want to make your own, it super easy... 

1. Grab your favourite glass bottle, preferably reused or recycled.

2. Identify what positive intention you want to place on your water, e.g. LOVE / ABUNDANCE / HAPPINESS / GOOD HEALTH / SEXY TIMES / RESOLUTION / FORGIVENESS 

3. Write the intention on the bottle, a sharpie + tape will do.

4. Fill your water bottle with fresh water and keeping your mind focused on the intention

5. Give it a boost by infusing your water with in-season organic fruit/herbs and keeping a crystal close by while storing

6. Just before drinking the water, affirm that you have the power to make intentions that can change your reality.

Whilst drinking the water feel the intentions cleansing all molecules flowing through you.