Meet Soon - Louise Odelberg

Hello Louise!

Where are you from?
Stockholm, Sweden. 

What do you do at Soon?
I'm the Co-founder and Director, I focus on our marketing and PR as well as design and creative work, I also sub as a hand-, neck- and ear "model". We have a very collaborative process so Lulu is always involved in what I do and vice versa. 

What did you do before Soon?
I didn't have much jewelry and was working as a graphic designer both in branding studios full time and as a freelancer.

What did you study?
Communication, I got a Bachelor of Applied Design from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Australia. This is where Lulu and I met, she was my lecturer. 

What did you want to become when you grew up?
A nature photographer!

What gets you excited about Soon?
Building something from scratch, both when it comes to the business and the products. Also running a business with my partner in crime.

Tell us a fun fact about you please.
I always set my alarm on a odd numbers like 6.57 instead of 7.

Can you describe your style?
I work from home so comfort is key, but pretty simple, I'm a fan of black but recently gotten into lighter colours like pink, beige and white - maybe Soon has had something to do with that! Love going all out in all white #living-on-the-edge!

Finally, what is your intention for this month?
See the positive sides of my situation and not stress about things that I can't control.