Meet Soon - Lulu Ruttley

Hi Lulu!

Where are you from? The City of Light (Tamworth, NSW Australia).

What do you dream about all day? Creating outdoors, amongst nature.

Who do you think is really cool? David Attenborough. 

What are you interested in? Spirit, soul, life, eternity, design, creation, nature, love and knowledge. 

What did you want to become when you grew up? Bush Tucker Woman – Designer – Photographer –
DOP – Pony – Panther – Actress – Guru – Herbalist – Mrs David Attenborough.

What gets you excited about Soon? EVERYTHING – especially innovating with Louise and my husband! Witnessing our manifestations, creating products that have an immediate positive impact, improving our customers internal dialogue and dressing them in our beautiful handcrafted designs. 

What scares you about Soon? Mmm...Nothing! Soon is blessed. No fear, only solutions live here :) 

What are you obsessed with right now? Falling leaves of winter, Herbivore Botanicals (Lapis Face Oil), The Venus Project, Tortoise Shell and Kiwi Fruit.

Can you describe your style? Mimicked by my mood. Generally my style is Brand-less, minimalist and tonal, with accents of pattern/colour plus a splash of Soon.

Finally, what is your intention for this month? Being an open channel for abundance.
Keeping hydrated & moist! Maintaining the attitude of gratitude. 

What is your favorite Soon piece? Cosmic Connection, Cosmic Connection was created to instantly activate and balance all chakras. Your higher self will connect easily to our magical cosmic carers.