Bali : Ubud : Eats

YOGA BARN: The tiger bowl (pictured) is amazing and Cacao Maca Shake is one of our favorites. But you can't really go wrong with anything here, very yummy and a nice atmosphere. Be sure to wear mosquito spray in the morning though as it's quite a bit of bush around for the little suckers to hang out in.

ALCHEMY: A bit further away from the centre of Ubud but definitely worth the scoot. Get your juice fix here as they have awesome green juices. The salads are great as well AND you have to try their raw desserts. We love the bounty bar! They also have a range of great local brands on stock in their shop.


COCONUTS: A very good tip for buying fresh coconuts is to get them off the trucks on the street in the morning, you can get them for a 3rd of the price of cafes' and they sometimes open them for you.

SOMA: High vibe organic foods. Great spot on the busy street Goutama (great little spots for eating and shopping here and a nice street to walk down). We like the Tower of Power, Rainbow Coco Curry and pictured Ruby Moon. The juices are not as good as Yoga Barn or Alchemy so we like to go for a coconut or a kombucha.  

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WARUNG MENDEZ: Great local food with good prices, more expensive than local local but it's cleaner and a nice place to sit down. The Nasi Goreng is the best we've had and we also love the vegetarian curry and the corn fritters are an awesome starter if you are hungry. 

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WARUNG LOKAL: A local place on Goutama street, we like the Nasi Goreng (not as good as Warung Mendez though - but cheaper) or Capcay, combined with a young coconut!

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URBANA: A up-market local place with good prices and a great atmosphere, you can sit in their garden and it's so nice at night with their garden lights. Great juices and the Ayam Sisit Sambal Matah is awesome! 

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BRIDGES: A restaurant fit for kings, literally. Such a nice place to go for a special occasion (still really good prices compared to the U.S. or Australia). You can't go wrong here, everything that we have tried has been great! The restaurant is hanging over the river and it feels like you're in the rainforest. Have a drink in the bar before your dinner - it's a bit further down towards the river but wear mosquito spray.

KAFE: Own by the same people as Yoga Barn Kafe got a special place in our heart, we have tried pretty much everything on the menu. PLUS they do delivery! LOVE the Coco Nut Latte (with coconut milk), the Tempe Cashew Nut Curry, Meg's Big Salad Bowl, The Mezze Plate and the Vegan Quinoa Porridge (add some banana to this! - so yum!). You can pretty much not go wrong here - although we are not as keen on their Mexican dishes. The Belly Juice is AWESOME, well, all their juices are great.


Images from Remi, Love Trotters, Kafe