Meet Soon - Our Story

Soon is the brain-child of Lulu Ruttley and myself, Louise Odelberg. Lulu and I met at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney in 2009 where I was a student and she was my lecturer. 7 years on and we have gone from teacher student to friends and colleagues collaborating on in numerous projects together from curating and organizing exhibitions to design and branding projects and even the creation of our own spirit animal guidance cards. 

Soon began to take shape after I took a jewelry making course in 2014. I loved the process of making something beautiful from a single sheet of metal and the way that piece of jewelry could make me feel. So I started making a pieces in my Sydney apartment but quickly realized my talent wasn't as big as my ideas. This is when Lulu and I joined forces with the help of her Balinese husband, Dewa (now our production manager and number 1 fan). We've always loved working together and so we teamed up yet again and Soon was born. 

With the new partnership sealed we began busily designing and sampling. We completed our first collection by early 2015 than had a very talented jewelry maker, Kedek, and his team in Bali get on board. So we sent off the designs and over the next twelve months Kedek worked his magic turning our designs into beautifully refined pieces ready for production whilst Lulu and I figured out how to start a jewelry business from scratch. 

It has taken 2 years to get this baby walking and we are so excited to share it all with you. 

The name Soon symbolizes the yet to be discovered. For us it's that excited feeling you get when you were a kid on the night before Christmas. We hope it's the same for you.

We are set to open up a store in Ubud, Bali, in the beginning of August, so if you are around we would love to see you there!