Visualizing A Better World

Image Caption: Early Birds vision of Lyra with her future BFF’s, they often float around sharing knowledge or playing epic Marco Polo. And yes that is a magic bubble for transportation.   

We Sooners like to ponder a better world, often coming up with new blue sky theories of how we would improve our lives and lives of other. We imagine new technologies, co-creation with beings from other planets, natural remedies that cure illnesses and clear conversations with our animal friends. Although these visions are not entirely visible in our living reality (just yet!) there are ways we can visit these places regularly; with the power of visualization… To see, to believe! Get Started with Guided Meditation Tricks + Vision Board How to.

One collective of visionaries are bringing about some solutions for a better world (in the here and now) they are the Venus Project and they are here to show us how to actually create a better world - by embracing technology, harnessing renewable resources and eliminating monetary systems. Watch Venus Here

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