DIY: Consciously Creating


Conscious creation is what you do to make things manifest in your reality.

We love it and want to share some quick tips on how we started out when consciously creating - proven difficult at times yet providing powerful outcomes. :)

Step 1:  Clearly list a vision of what you want in your life
What do you want? Think big, imagine possibilities without fear or rational thought.
Include key areas such as; Professional, Spiritual, Physical and Relationships.

Step 2:  Focus on your beliefs, they create our lives
Next to your listed wants, do a honest self appraisal and note what beliefs are disabling you from creating this in your life. Here you will be able to identify the new positive beliefs you must adopt in order to move past these belief blocks. 

Step 3:  Dreams are just goals with deadlines
Now is the time to make a game plan and take action to change your belief blocks and make way for your hearts true desires. For each of your listed visions, answer the following; a) What are some simple action steps I can implement to start making this change? (Make sure these milestones are achievable and actionable). b) What do you need to stop doing and say “No” to?.

Step 4:  Live, learn and review
Set some dates in your calendar to review learning’s from your actions
and realign any activities. 

Affirmations to help consciously create, from Abraham-Hicks