Monkey - Expect the Unexpected

The monkey stands for perseverance, focus, fluidity in movement, stability and maintaining balance. It teaches us to explore all aspects of our being, who we are and who we want to become. 

The monkey is a sign of family, support and compassion. If the monkey has come into your awareness it might be a sign to take care of your loved ones, offering them encouragement and letting them know you love them and willing to give support. If a monkey has come to visit you it might also be a sign that you need to introduce a bit of playfulness in your life. As monkeys have a strong capacity for understanding others and bonding they are a reminder that our journey should not be made solitarily.

The symbol of the monkey is a symbol of confidence and taking space. A monkey is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Consider your position within your social structure. The monkey asks us to take place and give you a presence of boldness and confidence. If you are shy or uncomfortable with standing up for yourself, you can meditate on the monkey to allow it to impress boldness upon you. 

If monkey is your totem you are always the life of the party with endless practical jokes and trickery. Remember there is a time and place for funny jokes but make sure your humor is well intended.

The tail of the monkey is a symbol of balance. It teaches us to look at our life to see if we truly have balance in our every day. The monkey will help us find and control in the areas of our life that lacks balance.

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