Friendships Improves Your Health

Having friends might be taken for granted by many lucky people and you might not realize how much your close friends boost your health. Having great friendships can improve your mood and make your more positive, increase your chances of success, help reaching your goals, reduce stress and depression, be a great support system and boost your sense of self-worth.

People who have strong friendships has been proven to be less likely to die prematurely than people who are isolated. It has been found that having an active social life has more of an effect on your life span than exercising.

It's believed that the link between having friends and your health is to due with how we process stress. Chronic stress that can come from isolation can cause physical wear and tear on your body. 

There are of course bad friendships too so it is important that your friendship makes you and your friend happy. Ask yourself:

- How does this person make me feel? Do I feel better after spending time with him/her?
- Do I trust this person?
- Can I be myself with him/her?
- Is he/she supportive of- and show me respect?

If your answers are positive you’ve found yourself a real BFF. So call your friend and hang out, maybe buy them a shot of wheatgrass while you’re at it and feel good about improving your health and his/hers. 

Show your BFF that you appreciate them with a part of, or all three Peaks of Perfection.