Stone of the Month : Ruby

Ruby is a type of sapphire and is a high energy stone, used to amplify energy. It has been worn by royalty thought out the ages and is to this day the most valued gemstone. It’s believed that wearing a red ruby it brings the wearer great fortune.

Ruby represents vitality, prosperity, love, passion and emotion. It stimulates the senses, imagination and is said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. It’s often used to increase passion and romantic love and can also be used to enhance emotions in a positive manner.

It’s a stone if courage and brings a sense of adventure giving courage to the wearer. As it’s a stone of courage it brings inner strength, confidence and self-love.

Ruby is associated with rising Kundalini energy and is said to help you follow your true calling. It’s considered a powerful manifestation stone which may be in part due to the association with Kundalini and finding your happiness in life. You can also use it as a tool in helping you make decisions, set goals and be and stay motivated. 

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