Aromatherapy : Lemon

Our bodies are made up out of millions of molecules that are said to vibrate and form unique vibrations when we are healthy. When we get stressed emotionally or physically these vibrations can get out of tune. Vibrational therapies such as subtle aromatherapy can help these vibrations get back to balance. Subtle aromatherapy is drawing on the subtle, energetic or vibrational qualities of the essential oil rather than their physical or chemical properties. 

Lemon oil is beneficial for relief of nervous tension, unrest, stress, irritability and mild anxiety. It is also great for productivity and improves concentration. The fresh scent of lemon is purifying, and stimulating. It encourages awareness and clarity.

Make your own room spray, use it over a candle in a oil "bath", massage or apply it to your skin.

A good mix for creativity is:
2 drops of sweet orange
1 drop of rosemary
2 drops of lemon


Image from Be Radiant Be You.