Cooling Watermelon Smoothie

When summer is treating you real good with some sunshine and warmth it's nice to cool down a bit with a refreshing smoothie or juice. We love watermelon and and it's such a perfect fruit in summer as it's so high in water and you got to keep hydrated!

This recipe is on heavy rotation in the Soon kitchen

You can either juice or blend or both (if you have a powerful blender - like a Vitamix)

This is what you need:
We like to freestyle with amount of each ingredient so just do it in the ratio you like.
- Watermelon
– Beetroot
– Mint
– Ginger
– Lime

Blend or juice. We like to do both, we juice the beetroot and blend everything else then add the beetroot juice. Add some ice and fresh mint as garnish and enjoy by the pool/beach/garden.