Learnings From the Soon Guru

Every full moon our Soon Bali team venture through the mountains of Buleleng (Bali) to visit our 'Guru'. They sit for hours with the other guru's in training, listening to teachings that range from Hinduism, Buddhism to Universal spiritualism. They enjoy home cooked meals made by the Guru's wife, they meditate in his holy room, enjoy an occasional purification and receive a basket of blessings to offer the Gods and to benefit Soon business.

As new students of Bahasa it Impossible to record everything from the teachings, so instead we will offer a brief summary from month to month. 

This months teaching:

Karma is at heart of our teachings and is regarded as a fundamental automatic law of nature. Not all karma rebounds immediately, every action has a reaction in this life, previous lives and future lives. How people treat you is their Karma – how you react is yours. To gain good karma one must practice the following; mediation, yoga, mantras, non-judgemental thoughts, positive attitudes, kind words, non attachment, nonresistance and selfless actions.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om