Aromatherapy : Rose

We love rose oil not only because of the smell and the fact we love the flower, it is great in many ways. Our favorite use is using the oil from the fruit that sits behind the rose flower, Rosehip oil, we use this everyday morning and night on our face as a moisturizer, it makes your skin so soft!

Anyway, here are some benefits of Rose Essential oil. 


stress/anxiety relief

Rose oil can be used to calm you and can be helpful improve relaxation, positive thoughts and feelings of happiness. It can boost confidence and mental strength while fighting anxiety and mild depression. To get the benefits use a essential oil diffuser. The smell can also help you get to sleep (in low doses so that the smell is not over powering).



Rose aka the flower of love is what makes up rose essential oil and so there is no surprise that this flower of love can boot your libido and encouraging romantic feelings. Diffuse the oil or maybe find a candle that has rose essential oil in it. 


Skin treatments 

Apart form diffusing rose oil you can also apply it on your skin. Rosehip oil is especially good for this as it is high in Vitamin C and proteins, it is also a good source of Vitamin A which is great to treat signs of aging.

Rose oil can also be used to face stretch marks, scars because of the antioxidant activity of the oil which helps heal the skin.


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